We are a spiritual community that gathers to explore deeper truths together,

to support one another through the complexities and struggles of daily life,

and to serve the greater good by becoming more compassionate in our thoughts, words and actions.


Join with us to cultivate reverence, peacefulness, and an ethic of loving engagement with the world.


Welcome to Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn

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Jan 18: Meditation Workshop with Anne Cotellessa

Anne Cotellessa is a meditation teacher and a member of our congregation. Her approach is rooted in yoga philosophy and the experiences that have been part of her life journey. Sign-up sheets are in the church foyer. For more information, email [email protected] or call 862-432-0173.

Jan 19: Social Justice & ECCO Event-"Immigration"

Immigration and the New Sanctuary Movement. We will learn how we can protect immigrant families as they come under attack in Trump's administration, by creating Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Congregations.

Jan 22: Worship Service: "Back Pocket Prayers"

Prayer is not something that only super religious people do. Prayer is as natural as brushing your teeth. This service will de-mystify the ancient practice for the contemporary practitioner.