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In the Wilds of Forest Ave.

The other day, while dutifully picking up trash in the wooded area by the lower UUCGL parking lot, church member Michael Celona saw something moving in the underbrush … what could it be? A snake? From under the leaf cover, a snout appeared, then a prickly back … could it be a porcupine? It started […]

Summer Worship Series

Rev. Tom Schade re-narrates the history of contemporary Unitarian Universalism from the 1940s through the merger to the present in a four-part sermon series. For four different eras, he will talk about what religious liberals were most concerned about, what challenges they faced, and how they were changed by the events of their time. He […]

Be that ‘Village’

“It takes a village,” shorthand for it takes a village to raise a child…but let’s take the abridgement on its own merit. A decade ago, I wrote a piece for the church newsletter about the way our church’s partner village of Homoródkeményfalva in Transylvania welcomed me and Dean McKennon with full-time English-speaking companionship. It was […]

Go Take a Bath in the Woods

“Forest Bathing” — or Shinrin-yoku in Japanese — is the new trend in reducing stress and depression, lowering blood pressure, boosting immunity and improving overall mental and physical health.  For those unacquainted with the term, it essentially means taking a quiet, leisurely, mindful walk in the woods.  No water is involved.  Just soaking up the […]