Green Sanctuary Ministry Team Blog

As we draw to a close on the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team’s focus this past church year on
“Fresh Water – Rivers, Ponds & Wetlands,” we wish to thank everyone who participated in the
activities we hosted. Those activities included, among others, a “Wonders of our Waterways”
presentation by Amy Weidensaul, Director of Mass Audubon/Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary;
a film screening of DamNation, an award-winning documentary on dam removal in this country
followed by a discussion of local dam removal; and an Earth Day service that was all about
celebrating water with song, stories, poems, and readings with the congregation suggesting
favorite hymns that relate to fresh water that we then sang together – creating a wonderful sense
of community. The year was capped off with a paddle on the Ipswich River in which 22
members of the church and family in canoes and kayaks enjoyed a picture-perfect spring day
celebrating both the river and church community!

While we’ll always continue to celebrate fresh water, the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team will be
shifting in the fall to focus on a new theme. Believing that we all have a moral, ethical, and
survival imperative to learn about climate change and to act appropriately and decisively, the
GSMT has chosen as its theme for the 2019-2020 church year “Faith and Climate Change.” This
is also one of the UU Ministry of Earth special topics this year and more information can be
found at Across all faiths, there is a
belief that we have sacred responsibility to care of the Earth and be its stewards. As we move
forward with this new theme, we’d like to hear from you on this topic – in particular what you’d
like us to bring to the church by way of information and action. You can talk to one of the
GSMT members, or e-mail Toni Bandrowicz directly at [email protected]. We will also
be leaving blank cards by the Green Sanctuary bulletin board in the Parish Hall for you to fill out
with your thoughts. And, as always, we welcome you to help organize activities and participate
in them. Let us know how you’d like to get involved!

Faith and Climate Change