At Ferry Beach last spring, the hymn was sung, “Love Will Guide Us” by Sally Rogers. You know, it’s in the gray hymnal and it goes, “If you cannot speak like angels,If you cannot speak before thousands,You can give from deep within you.You can change the world with your love.” Children and adults, worshipping outside under the tall pine trees, listening, letting the aspirational words wash over. Five-year-old Richard, sitting with me, had been listening very carefully to the words. “I can change the world?” he asks. The answer, “Yes.” “How?” “With your love.” Pause…”But how do I DO that?”

Make no mistake; we do that every day. You do. I do. We all do. Every word, every phrase, every sentence and paragraph, every look, every shrug, every hug and hand-hold, every envious glance and caring smile. That smile can be for your child or partner, for the teenager checking out your groceries, for the neighbor who is limping – “Gosh what happened?” – and your friend who can tell you’re smiling right through your phone. I should be doing more, you think, than this. Is love winning in my life? How many uplifting gestures does it take to make up for the unkind word to the careless teen on the sidewalk who almost made you trip, the growl instead of greeting at the gas station, the pout over an unrealistic expectation that your partner knows what kind of tea you like.

It can be exhausting! To really make change in the world with your love, you need to feel the love of others and rock to the knowledge that you are one of a force of love to be reckoned with. Be in community; bask in its warmth; it’s waiting for you. Feed yourself at church and change the world with your love.

Lyssa Andersson
UUCGL President Board of Trustees
November 2017