Commitees of the Board

Finance Committee
Members of the Finance Committee include the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and two or three others. They meet to review the financial statements, balance sheets, and other materials regarding the income and expenditures of the church. The Minister develops the annual budget and the Finance Committee reviews that budget to make recommendations to the Minister and Board of Trustees. The church retains an accounting firm to conduct an annual audit.

Investment Committee
This four-member committee is appointed by the Board. The Treasurer is also a member with full voting rights. This committee, working with a professional investment manager, is responsible for the investment and reinvestment of all funds and securities of the parish and all funds and securities of any charitable trusts managed by the parish. It makes an annual report to the Board that is available to all members of the parish.

Grants Committee
The Board appoints a Grants Committee to oversee the distribution of funds to assist nonprofit organizations doing good work in the larger community, to provide scholarships based on need, and to assist individuals in need of emergency funding. The church employs a part-time Grants Administrator to effect the distribution of the money.

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee meets regularly to address issues concerning the employment of the staff. The committee reports directly to the Board, and is a resource to the Minister regarding personnel issues.

Nominating/Leadership Committee
The Nominating/Leadership Committee is charged with creating leadership development opportunities for members of the church. It nominates a slate of candidates for the Board of Trustees for each annual meeting. It makes recommendations to the Board about who should chair and be appointed to Board Committees. It consults with the Minister about who should be appointed as Ministry Team chairs.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee helps the church President set the agenda for Board of Trustees meetings and is the place where Board policies are evaluated, created, or refined. It is also where any other governance issue is discussed. The Governance Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Minister, and three other members.

Properties Committee
The Board appoints a Properties Committee, comprised of four to five people with three-year terms, to provide general oversight of the buildings and grounds of the facility. The committee proposes policies and guidelines for facility use, prioritizes large projects, recommends funding sources, attends to encroachment issues, and ensures compliance with all town or state regulations, codes, and UU principles