Celebrate Earth, Celebrate Earth Day

“Climate Change is not a belief system.  We know that the earth’s climate is changing thanks to observations, facts and data about God’s creation, that we can see with our eyes and test with the sound minds that God has given us.”

– Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University climate scientist and self-identified evangelical Christian

Digital Resources

Earth Day 2020 – The Earth Day Network’s web site.  Includes information on the history of Earth Day and a global directory of digital Earth Day events.  Describes ways to personally take action to support a healthier planet.


Earth Day 2020 Boston – A locally organized and sponsored effort that includes a kickoff digital teach-in on April 18th starting at 10:00am


City Nature Challenge 2020 Boston  —  Help track the great diversity of life in Massachusetts with the iNaturalist app April 24th through 27th .


NISE Network – Offers a curated collection of hands on earth-focused STEM educational activities and experiences.


NASA – Includes a variety of exciting resources including spectacular satellite images and an educational resources 50th Anniversary Toolkit.


Citizens Climate Lobby –  Offers “Uniting from Home: A Virtual CCL Event with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe” plus 4 breakout training sessions starting at 10:00am on April 25th.


Also, be sure to tune in a televised Earth Day Anniversary program on WGBH  Climate Change – The Facts  on  April 22nd at 8 pm.