August Summer Sundays
Virtual Services at 10 a.m.
How Music Speaks to Our Souls

We are all settling into this new way of living by now, but let’s not call it “the new normal.” There is nothing normal about it, and although many of us may be feeling a bit less panicked and shocked by the radical changes and the reasons for them, we are still collectively experiencing loss, fear, anxiety, and deprivation. It is a testament to the human spirit and to our own inner resources that we are finding joy, happiness, beauty, justice-seeking and vision for a better world within it all.

Our August Summer Sundays are invitations to think about how music speaks to our souls and brings us healing, comfort, joy and catharsis. We hope that you will be encouraged to get out your headphones and listen again – and yet again – to some of the songs that are newly touching your heart or old favorites that may have fresh insights for today.

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, “audio divina” (divine listening) practice can be easily translated to “lectio divina,” or divine hearing of text/reading. Spend some time with poetry, Scripture or secular writings that speak to your soul.

The service link will be posted on our Facebook page and go “live” at 10am each Sunday. Please join us!

The Story of More – How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here, by Hope Jahren

Join the Green Sanctuary Ministry Team in a church-wide book read related to the theme of climate change. We’ll read The Story of More – How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here, by Hope Jahren (author of Lab Girl). We’ll discuss in person or via Zoom on Friday, August 7, at 7pm. It is the essential pocket primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who reads it.

In The Story of More, Jahren illuminates the link between human habits and our imperiled planet. In concise, highly readable chapters, she takes us through the science behind the key inventions – from electric power to large-scale farming to automobiles – that, even as they help us, release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like never before. She explains the current and projected consequences of global warming – from superstorms to rising sea levels – and the actions that we all can take to fight back.

Soul Strength Gathering

Soul Strength has concluded its first six week session. Stay tuned for its return later in the summer season.

Meditation Group

A daily Meditation Group begins on Monday, April 20, from 7:30 to 7:50 a.m. This will be held via a Zoom meeting. All are welcome to be part of this small group ministry to practice mindfulness meditation. Each morning’s meditation will offer an introductory core concept and silent meditation while seated comfortably in your own space. Now more than ever, our connections with each other are vital to our sense of calm and hope. Please click here to see the flyer and to register.