Green Sanctuary Ministry Team

An important principle of Unitarian Universalism is “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Because of this principle our church organized a ministry team to discuss how we as a church might better follow this principle both as an organization as well as in our individual lives.

To accomplish these goals the Green Sanctuary does the following—

Collaborates with the Properties Ministry Team to ensure that use of our buildings and grounds is done in such a way as to lessen our impact on the earth.
Accomplishments have included converting to high-efficiency lights throughout the church, eliminating in-ground sprinkler watering of the lawn, and reducing our air conditioning use.

Chooses a yearly theme to focus the work of the team. This year’s theme is “In Praise of Plants” To educate the congregation and community members on the theme, the Green Sanctuary hosts many events, educational opportunities, and leads an Earth Day worship service.

In 2014, UUCGL was formally accredited as a “Green Sanctuary” by the national Unitarian Universalist Association. For more information see the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Green Sanctuary Program.