Membership and Hospitality Ministry Team

Hello and welcome!

During the pandemic, our commitment is to help the community be together in spirit. When we can meet in person again:

The purpose of the Membership/Hospitality Ministry Team is to nurture a spirit of hospitality within our community and to help newcomers integrate into the life of the church.

We will invite you to be a Sunday morning greeter.

We provide nametags and remind folks to wear theirs!

We coordinate Coffee Hour/ Fellowship Time, which members and friends of congregation takes turns hosting in small groups and sometimes as ministry teams.

We coordinate Path To Membership orientation sessions so that those who are interested in making a deeper commitment to the church can understand the benefits and responsibilities of full membership.

We work with the Minister and Director of Community Life And Learning to encourage all participants in the life of the congregation to move along the path from Connection to Engagement to Covenanting to Leadership/Ownership. We want all individuals to have the deepest experience of religious community they feel called to have.

Where are you on the Path of Engagement? 

We want to know what YOU need to know in order to make your experience at UUCGL meaningful.

Stephanie Goodman (chair), Ruth Griffin, Gloria Kozlosky

If you want to know more about membership procedures, please click here.