The Path of Engagement

Being part of a faith community is more meaningful and fulfilling the more we give to it. Where are you on the path of engagement?

I. Connecting (I do all or some of these things)

I worship with the community.

I keep in touch by following the Facebook page, getting the Weekly Update, and checking the website.

I occasionally attend programs.

I am willing to know and be known.

I learn about the church and become willing to engage and participate.

I contribute to the weekly offering when I am in church.

II. Engaging

I am engaged with the UU religion through learning and studying.

I develop a spiritual practice, possibly by participating in a Small Group Ministry.

I minister to others pastorally, reaching out to the sick and the sad and allowing myself to be ministered unto.

I learn how the church works.

I contribute financially by pledging.

I volunteer on an occasional or ongoing basis.

As I understand more, I take pride in the church and its mission.

I attend Path to Membership orientation sessions. I meet with the Minister to discern my readiness to become a member.


III. Covenanting

I make a commitment and become a member.

This is my church. I am a Unitarian Universalist. The future of the church concerns me.

I am willing to become a leader. I am willing to attend trainings to prepare me for this role.

I attend congregational meetings prepared to with an informed opinion to participate in decision-making.

I know that my opinion matters.

I may be asked to serve on a board committee or to chair a ministry team.

IV. Leadership & Legacy

I understand that the church belongs to me and I to it, and that the members run the church.

I discern where I will contribute my time and talent on a yearly basis, considering my capacity and spiritual condition.

I want to have a legacy impact on the congregation, to be remembered among those who shaped the life of the congregation, gave generously of my time, talent and treasure, was involved in the important congregational decisions of my time, and took seriously the covenant of love and kindness by which we try to live.


The Path of Engagement is a spiral path: we may move in and out of levels based on our life’s circumstance. How can the church help you reach the next level of engagement?