I will be on vacation from July 6-August 3, 2018.

Gloria Kozlosky, Membership and Hospitality Ministry Team Chair, is the Summer Caring Coordinator.  Please let her know if you think someone needs a call or visit. She will contact me if there is a pastoral emergency.

Liz Weber, UU seminarian, is happy to receive inquiries for non-member rites of passage (weddings, funeral and christenings) through August 13.  Inquiries about the church program can be made to the church administrative staff or to Mark LaPointe, Acting Interim Director of Community Life and Learning.

Some pertinent dates for Rev. Vicki:

Wedding Rehearsal and Ceremony, July 27-28 (Salem, MA).

Peace Conference at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center, July 21-22 (Interfaith Environemental Studies).

Funeral and Interment, August 3 and 4 (Milford, NH and Concord, MA).

OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Curriculum) facilitator training, August 17-19.

I am out of the pulpit in August and spend much of that month in “study leave.” Technically, I am “free from parish duties” during that time but I meet with staff to plan worship, I work with a consultant (this year on our home base plans), I meet with team leaders and the board president, and I coordinate community work with other religious leaders. I also get to attend church as a worshiper and visit various houses of worship in our area.

Blessings of peace, rest and renewal to you all,

Rev. Vicki