Christmas is coming. Christmas is coming to church. We will be going to church on Christmas, you and I, and not just the Christmas Eve Candlelight service where we’ll see our church friends all dressed up and maybe some of our young adults at home from college – what a lovely thought. No, maybe we’ll splurge by practicing up for the candlelight by showing up on the second Sunday of December for the Scandinavian Coffee Hour (spritz cookies, coffeebread, meatballs, gingerbread and Jim’s famous baked beans), getting a head start on our annual favorite couple of church services. Delightful!

Delightful and also unsustainable. Think about Obamacare.

The ACA was designed to make preventive health care available on a once-a-year or thereabout basis with protection against catastrophic illness or accident and its associated costs. Its policies are most potent toward the medical protection of children, teens and young adults. This is all made financially possible by the individual mandate. Without the mandate, many healthy adults will play roulette with their healthcare and not purchase the premiums that subsidize the healthcare for those of us who are chronically or catastrophically in need of care. So a regular donation of insurance premiums by all stabilizes the health economy making universal care possible. Those who wish to see the ACA fail know that repealing the individual mandate will make the program unsustainable.

There is no individual mandate for church attendance. Gone are the days – good riddance – when folks believed church attendance was crucial for salvation. That’s what the Universalists were all about, after all! Everyone gets saved! Are you a member of our church community who doesn’t make a regular deposit of your attendance? Unsustainable. Do you pledge and donate your treasure but not your talents and efforts? Unsustainable. Attend and volunteer, and not just for the kids. Have you faded from view as your kids have grown and left the nest? Unsustainable. Come and help. You choose: beautify, feed, organize, clean and repair, lead, protect, understand, archive, make sense, make justice, make music, make sacred space, breathe – together in community. Sustain us. Come and help.

Lyssa Andersson,
UUCGL President Board of Trustees December 2017