Rev. Vicki is a Connecticut native and a life-long Unitarian Universalist. She holds advanced degrees from Harvard Divinity School and Andover Newton Theological School.

Rev. Vicki started her ministry at UUCGL on August 1, 2013. 

Sunday: In church most Sundays.

Monday: Work from home. Start order of service. Frequently have evening meetings at church. 

Tuesday: Generally in the office 11:30-3:00. Pastoral calls late afternoon. Eve meetings.

Wednesday: Worship preparation/sermon writing at home. Clergy meetings (UUMA, ECCO). Evening programs at church or elsewhere.

Thursday: Office. Staff meeting. 

Friday: Off

Saturday: Weddings, Denominational Programs. Coffees with parishioners, worship rehearsal, misc.

Ministry changes day to day. Pastors are first responders to crisis in the community, so please reach out and make an appointment! Call or email, please don't Facebook Message me because I hardly ever check that. Texting is also fine but I prefer to reserve that for emergencies and family members. 

When in doubt, don't wonder if you should call your Minister. That's literally what I'm here for. xoox Rev. Vicki

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