Some people don’t get it – spirit, spirituality, that spark – but I’m betting you do. Lonely, or looking for a way to belong? Any group will do…Zumba class or senior yoga or Raise the Minimum Wage Task Force. But feeding your spirit, rediscovering your spiritual spark? That takes a special kind of community, a spiritual community. And if your religion of origin didn’t feed that spark? Enter Unitarian Universalism, and this UU community in particular.

So you found us. We see you and we embrace you and your spark, burning brighter.

Don’t stop there! Where does your spark lead you? Make a difference, yes. Share your skills, okay. Be the difference you want to see, of course. Enter into deeper conversation (Covenant or Dialogue Group), keep us financially healthy (Investment or Finance Committees), be a welcoming presence to new spiritual seekers (Membership and Hospitality Ministry Team), fix things (Properties Committee), care for your community (Caring Ministry Team or Grants Committee) and more, more, more. You’re here in this place of your spirit, so let that spark lead you. Make a difference, share your skills, and be the difference you want to see, of course.


Lyssa Andersson
UUCGL President Board of Trustees
October 2017