What to do, what to do? I sit in my comfortable house watching the news of the day. You do, too. I wonder what is happening to decency and the whole concept of civil rights for all. You do, too. I worry about the future; for me, for my family, for my community, for my country, for the world. You do, too. I want to be part of making a difference, and I am, in many small ways, but it just doesn’t feel like enough. I need two things – at least – and you do, too.

I need to be fed spiritually, to re-learn my core values and feel the presence of other souls with the same desire to put things right. I need to find the calm space of clarity within so that I can be undaunted in my search for meaningful responses to our political situation. I need to light a candle or drop a pebble so as not to forget what is precious, and I need to do it among other soul-seekers. I need to go to church.

The other thing I need is to team up; find others ready and willing to commit to being movers and changers in this new and threatening landscape. Team up to support a culture of love, not hate – movement, not stagnation – positivity, not cynicism. Team up because I know that there is power in numbers. One person trying to right a wrong can be easily dismissed. Several people from a community committed to the inherent dignity of all human beings cannot be so easily dismissed or worn down. I need to go to church.

Come to church with me. Feed your spirit. Team up for action. Live in beloved community. I need to do that. You do, too.


Lyssa Andersson
UUCGL President
Board of Trustees
September 2017