Children in Worship

Children and youth are natural, spontaneous worshipers. They pause in awe and wonder in the course of their daily lives. Children love ritual and celebration with family and friends. In religious community children and adults come together in celebration, we offer moments of quiet, thoughtful stories, and ritual that increases the experience the children have at church.

Sunday Worship

Children and youth attend the opening of the worship service with their parents almost every Sunday before moving on to their Faith Development program.

In worship, children learn our songs, hear a prayer, say our covenant, view and sometimes participate in the chalice lighting, listen to beautiful music and hear a Story for all Ages. They sometimes have a participatory role in the Time for all Ages.

Several services during the year are designed for children to participate through the full hour with their families.

Worship in Faith Development Programs

Our Kindergarten through Grade 5 children engage in Children’s Worship every Sunday. Our children light their Chalice and share their joys and sorrows. The children listen to a story that focuses on the lesson before they leave for their classrooms. Our children enjoy Children’s Worship every week.